There are many people who like to opt for neutral colours throughout their home when it comes to walls, flooring, and furniture. Neutral colours can look stylish, elegant and timeless, as well as being calming. In addition, they help to make rooms look lighter and more spacious. However, they are also in danger of making a room look bland and characterless. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to help combat this issue, and this is to add colour with the use of accessories.

The good thing about neutral shades in the home is that they will never go out of fashion. This means that there is no need to keep redecorating to keep up with the latest design trends. After decorating with neutral colours – either yourself or by hiring a reputable painting and decorating company such as Scott Anson Painters – the right use of furnishings, upholstery, and accessories can add life to any neutral room.

Simple Solutions to Adding Colour 

There are various simple solutions to adding colour in a room that has neutral décor. One of the simplest and most popular ways of doing this is to feature bold, colourful artwork on the walls. It is possible to create a focal point by hanging the artwork above a fireplace or some people opt for smaller, more subtle pieces that are strategically placed around the room. Try to use artwork that has some of the same hues and colours as other accessories that are used in the room.

Using throws and cushions is another excellent means of adding colour without going to any trouble. These can be scattered on the settee and armchairs to add an area of bold colour to the neutral décor. Likewise, opting for colourful curtains and rich materials can help to add striking contrast that will add character and richness. Some people also use colourful rugs to add a splash of colour to flooring if the floors are wood or laminate. It is also possible to make more of an impact by combining different colours that contrast sharply with each another.

Bringing the outdoors into the home is another very effective means of adding some colour and character to a room. There are many options available ranging from miniature trees to lush pot plants and more. These also offer added benefits including helping to clean the air and aiding good health.

All these solutions can help to bring colour, life, and character into any neutral room, making it possible to add colour without changing the underlying décor.