When it comes to designing a home, it can be harder than most people think to really pull a room together. Transforming each room to make it functional yet stylish is no easy task and there are many different elements to consider. Deciding on paint colours, working through lighting options, and figuring out where to place furniture can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming. A few interior design tips could help you to narrow down your options and quickly make your house a home.

An interior designer’s tips can be invaluable, so many people choose to bring in the professionals. Painting and decorating consultants, such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd., can provide experience and an expert eye, removing the stress of decorating with guaranteed results. Even if you are determined to do it yourself, a few useful pointers from the experts can help, whether you are sprucing up your living room, adding colour to the kitchen, or renovating an entire house.

A good starting point could be gathering inspiration into a mood board, a technique used by professional interior designers. This involves gathering images of anything that inspires you and reflects the look you want to achieve, such as pictures and cuttings from magazines, social media and online, as well as fabric, wallpaper and flooring samples. A mood board allows you to see how things work together and will help you to visualise the end result.

When it comes to practical tips, it’s all about the look you want to create. A mural painted wall instantly creates a statement in any room; try to pick out colours from the wallpaper, sofa or soft furnishings to tie the room together. If you want a modern, edgy vibe, industrial style elements are easy to acquire and incredibly effective. Galvanised steel, reclaimed timber and painted enamel combine to create a strong statement; this urban look works well with neutral colours, plenty of light, and a selection of carefully chosen plants.

It is important to remember that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to decorating: it is your home and your choice. While it’s great to take the latest trends into consideration, putting a personal stamp on something makes it special.

Most of us spend a lot of time at home. Therefore, you should feel comfortable there and ensure the decor reflects who you are and the things you like. This is the best tip to make a house a home.