Tips for Exterior Decorating

External decorating includes a range of services, from metalwork railings and gates to masonry and render surface coatings. We take time to make sure that the required surfaces are prepared, to make sure that when painting, the highest quality is met.

Tips for preparing:

  1. Clean the area – Remove any surface dirt and loose paint as well as any loose masonry.
  1. Repair damage – Fill any small crack and holes and rub down with sandpaper when dry to create a smooth surface.
  1. Seal and prime – Seal and prime surfaces that are porous or that are powdery with masonry primer, getting to every edge and surface to create a stable surface for painting.
  1. Prepare the work space – Protect pipes, windows or any other surface that you are not painting by wrapping news paper around or tape to stop any splashing.

Tips for painting external walls:

  1. Stipple action – When it comes to textured walls – hold the brush at 90 degrees and stippling the paint onto the surface.
  1. Start at the top – Start painting at the top and work down so that the newly painter surface doesn’t get splashed.
  1. Head for the unpainted area – Apply a paint loaded brush to an unpainted area and work towards the painted area in short horizontal and vertical strokes.
  1. Evenly paint – Try and rotate the brush to ensure the surface is evenly coated and everything is covered.

What to do with left over paint?

DO NOT EMPTY DOWN THE DRAINS. Read the individual instructions of the paint and dispose accordingly.

Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. have a high skill level and flexibility for all types of job with no job is ever the same. Each client receives a tailored quote and work plan to suit the requirements of job. So if you have any external painting work that you would like to be completed by our skilled painters, get in touch at