There are many people who become involved in interior or exterior painting, whether as a DIY project or on a professional level. It is important to remember that there are hazards associated with this type of work, such as the damage that can be caused by paint fumes. With this in mind, it is important to consider the importance of using RPE or Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Anyone involved in carrying out this type of work on a regular basis needs to ensure they are protected against the possible hazards, of which there are many. Exposure to contaminants can cause serious respiratory problems, which is why RPE is so important. However, when purchasing this type of equipment, buyers need to keep a few key points in mind.

Key Points of Consideration When Purchasing RPE 

One very important factor when purchasing this type of equipment is that it fits properly. If the equipment is not a good fit for the person wearing it, contaminants will still get through and pose potentially serious health risks. Painting and decorating company Scott Anson Painters uses ‘face fit’ as part of the induction of all its painters and conducts regular upkeep using Bitrex.

It is also important to bear in mind that there are two types of respirators that are worn by those working in areas where the air may be or become contaminated. The first is the Air Purifying Respirator, which is where a filter is used to filter out contaminants. The second type is the Supplied Air Respirator, which uses a separate source to provide clean air that is free from contaminants.

There are strict health and safety regulations in place when it comes to the fit of face masks when working with potentially toxic product or in areas where the air is contaminated. Regulations state that employers must ensure that the face-piece is correctly sized for the individual wearer and provides a tight fit to ensure contaminants are not able to seep through.

By making sure a fit testing service is used when selecting masks, it is possible to more easily ensure the safety of the wearer. This is because tests are carried out using a test agent while the person is wearing the mask. This then makes it possible to determine whether there is any leakage.