Specialist Coatings in Commercial painting

There are many Specialist Coatings that are important to consider when painting any space.

The most important coatings are:

  • Fire retardant paints
  • Anti-graffit
  • Anti-damp

We are able to apply a range of coatings to all kinds of industrial and retail settings:

  • Industrial units
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hospitals

Fire Retardant Coating:

Fire Retardant coatings are perhaps the most common and important painted coating currently, especially due to the media coverage of fire proofing. They are most frequently used in public buildings, new builds, public facilities and on large scale industrial spaces. Many company’s will need this to comply with safety legislation or for another layer of fire protection.

Anti-graffiti Paints:

Anti-graffiti paints are important for preventing the permanent application of paints that are used to vandalise walls. The paint stops the ink, aerosols or other paint from bonding to the surface of any area. The coating can be used internally or externally and is common in tunnels, schools, stations and public areas, so that if graffiti was to occur in these places, it is able to be washed off and therefore is cheaper than having to repaint the whole wall.

Anti-damp Coatings:

Anti-damp can be applied to interior walls and ceilings to prevent or reduce dampness. The coating is designed as a primer coat which has an active component which combines with moisture and dampness. Anti-damp coatings prevents mould growth and discolouration, however does not cure the cause of dampness.