While a lengthy renovation can truly transform a home, it may not be feasible due to a lack of time or budgetary concerns. Even lovingly designed interiors can start to look a little bit tired and leave homeowners itching to inject something new and exciting.

When money, time or energy are in short supply, there are still decorating tips that can refresh an interior space quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank, as our professional decorators at Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. would suggest from years of experience.

An Overhaul of the Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen does not have to mean ripping out the existing fittings. There are a number of simple ways to change a kitchen’s look; consider replacing the cupboard doors or incorporating elegant door handles. Adding stylish wallpaper to cupboard or dresser panels can also make a fashionable statement.

Treating the kitchen to a new floor can completely revamp it. Laminate flooring can be installed cheaply possibly with little fuss while achieving a luxurious finish.

Picking Up a Paintbrush

Redecorating doesn’t have to be restricted to the walls. Skirting boards and doorframes do not always have to be painted white; choosing a bright colour or contrasting shade for these areas is ideal for injecting some personality and style. Painting the underside of wooden stairs can look elegant or bold, while choosing a vibrant colour for the front door could do wonders for the exterior.

Identifying small areas to paint can draw the eye and help create a more elegant feel. A fresh coat of dark or bold paint behind open shelves or on tile splashbacks can help to achieve a sophisticated and modern look and can be less time-intensive than painting the entire room.

Elevating the Outdoor Space

A tranquil and well-maintained outdoor space gives more options for entertaining guests. Getting the garden ready for spring and summer by pruning plants and clearing dead leaves could be essential before considering the best ways to create the ideal space. Every home would benefit from a garden shed to store the tools necessary to keep the garden looking its best, and this shed could be painted each year to counteract the effects of frost, wind and rain.

The embedded infographic takes a closer look at the UK home improvement market.