Residential painting is a service offered by painters and decorators for clients who want to give their homes a professional paint job. Also known as house painters, these experts can paint both the interior and exterior of the home. House painters are able to improve the house in terms of structure and aesthetic according to the unique requirements of those who live there.

When hiring professional decorators, clients should expect the highest standards of service with good quality products and materials; this might include commercial grade wallpaper such as Tektura or Muraspec. Experienced painters and decorators should be well-equipped to deal with any residential painting project, including hard-to-reach areas such as high ceilings. Their expert guidance should include specialist advice on coatings, finishes and colour matching. In addition to full decoration jobs, residential painting also includes touch-ups and remedial work to existing decor.

Although painting and decorating is primarily thought of as improving the appearance of a home, it also has a role in the proper maintenance of a building. House painting can protect the structure from corrosion, water, mould and insect infestation. Residential painting services includes all remedial work on existing properties and the preparation works necessary before decoration of new-build properties. The jobs encompassed by the painting and decorating trade now include all preparation such as caulking, patching and drywall repairs.

Health and safety should be an important consideration in all occupied or non-occupied properties. When employing a professional company, clients should feel confident that their property is being properly looked after and the site is safe. Scott Anson Painters is a company with 20 years of experience that prides itself on exemplary safety standards. Safe systems of work ensure that the required risk assessments are carried out and the correct safety procedures are in place.

Whether it’s a new home that needs decorating, an extension, or an update to an existing property, residential painting services can help. Professional painters and decorators provide a high-quality and affordable home transformation. Their service can give any home a fresh, new style.