The colours we choose to paint our homes can significantly impact our moods and emotions. Not only do these interior design choices say something about our personal style; they can also make all the difference when it comes to feeling happy and uplifted (or down and gloomy).

If you’re planning to redecorate your home this year, make sure you’re on-trend. Here are some of the most popular colours you should look out for, as used by professional decorators such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd.

Make a Statement

2021 was a year of minimal colour choices and neutral colour palettes, but 2022 is going to be all about big, bold colour statements.

People will be drawn to exciting yet familiar hues that bring a feeling of optimism into their homes. Think bright yellows, pinks, greens and oranges.

If you’re usually someone who plays it safe when it comes to your paint selections, this may be the year to step out of your comfort zone.

Embrace Nature with Muddy Greens

After spending so much time indoors, why not reconnect with nature through your interior design choices?

Look for earthy, muddy green tones that will provide a strong yet soothing appeal, catching the eye of any guest.

Cheerful Yellow Hues

We could all use a bit of cheerfulness in our lives in 2022, which can be reflected in selecting bright and sunny yellow hues for your home.

Sunny shades like citron will be amongst the most popular shades in 2022. The tones – which effortlessly resemble the petals of a sunflower – will instantly energise and brighten up any space.

Dark and Moody Aubergine

Despite bright and bold colours being a top trend for 2022, not everyone has forgotten about dark and moody tones.

Many interior designers have been experimenting with varying shades of aubergine. The purple shade is dark – almost black – and can make a big impact when utilised correctly in a space.

Aubergine paint can be used for dark terrazzo floors or as a statement wall in your living room to incorporate a sensuous sophistication. It could also be the perfect shade to add interest to a minimal space or to complement neutral furniture.

If you’re stuck in a decorating rut, try incorporating these popular colours into your space to add new life and style to your home.