Choosing the right paint colour for different rooms in your home can be difficult. There are so many choices that decorating just one room can seem an insurmountable task. Colour has great power when it comes to creating the desired mood for each room and your colour choices could even change the way a room’s size is perceived; darker colours can make a large room seem more intimate, whereas lighter tones can give an illusion of space in smaller rooms. But how can you tell what qualities a colour has and how a room’s orientation will affect how it appears once it is on the walls? 

A little knowledge of colour theory can go a long way when it comes to learning how different colours behave in different conditions. Colour theory includes a multitude of concepts, definitions and design applications. Thankfully, there is a useful and logical breakdown of the basic principles of colour theory: the colour wheel, colour harmony, and how colours are used. The colour wheel gives colour a logical structure and provides traditional theory in the field of art, dating back to Sir Isaac Newton’s first circular colour diagram in 1666.  

Colour theory starts with the primary colours which are blended into secondary and then tertiary colours, to give a logically arranged sequence of hues. When it comes to decorating your home, there are various formulas to achieve colour harmony: analogous colours (three colours side by side on a 12 part colour wheel); complementary colours (two colours which are opposite on the wheel); and natureinspired colour harmony, which does not necessarily fit into a formula.  

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Another important factor when deciding on paint is to choose colours that you love. Think about where you like to spend time, what hobbies you enjoy, and the colours you enjoy wearing. Think about what you associate with certain colours. It might also be a good idea to download a visualiser’ app so that you can see how colours work together within your rooms and in the context of your furnishings.  

When choosing the perfect paint colours for your home, you will want to stamp your personality on and enhance the mood within each room, so that you can be happy there for years to come.