As we approach the end of the year, have the predicted trends of 2018 been fulfilled?

There were 4 areas in which the trends in Dulux colour forecast covered:

  • Kinship
  • Essential
  • Escapade
  • Reflect

Each of these brought a different vibe and edge, allowing for varied trends within 2018.









ESCAPADE trend – channels the holiday feeling, bringing vibrant colours to brighten and open up the space.

Bringing tropical accessories within this trend will also be beneficial in creating an abroad feeling.

ESSENTIAL trend – within this, simplicity and relaxation takes form, in the calming colours of greys and neutral browns.

A pop of colour, in a bright blue or crimson red, will bring warmth throughout the colour scheme.









KINSHIP trend – finding your inner zen will help with this trend. Looking at spiritual wellness with a celebration of cultural heritage.

Bring in a mixture of textures, patterns and colours, which will make you feel happy. This palette of colour brings together earthy tones with neutral shades to help create this balance.

REFLECT trend – sophistication, elegance and timeless are three words that are overlooked in the current environment, when everything is so fast paced.

Take a step back and create a relaxed feel, using rich colours, to create a classic and indulgent look.

So… have these trends been correct? In some ways they have. An increase in the ‘Essential’ colour palette has been noticed within the home setting, whereas the ‘Escapade’ palette has been used in an office environment.

Which of these are your favourite? There is still time before the end of the year to use these trends as inspiration for your space. If your interested – call us on 0114 283 5990 or email us at