The colours chosen for walls have always played a vital role in how a room feels. These colours can have a major impact on our emotions and well-being – and in today’s unprecedented times, creating a happy home has never been more important.

Homes are our sanctuaries, and professional decorating companies such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. believe that picking the right paint colours can make a massive difference.

Neutral Colours

Milky and almond neutral tones have been making a comeback in recent years. Recent events mean that 2021 is likely to be a year of creating cosy spaces as individuals spend more time at home. This will lead to a shift away from cool grey colours towards warmer neutral tones.


Green is an increasingly popular colour for interior décor, which is not surprising. Green tones are reminiscent of nature and have calming qualities, making them an ideal choice when it comes to creating a contented home. Green can be combined with deep neutral tones, textured soft furnishings and natural accessories to create décor reminiscent of the forest.

Red and Mulberry Tones

Warm tones can help to create safe spaces within a home. The current uncertain times mean that 2021 paint trends are moving away from cool greys towards warmer choices such as reds and plum tones. These bold, rich colours are gorgeous by day, and cosy when it starts getting dark.


Blue has always been a popular paint choice. It is a calming colour that can bring a touch of serenity to any room. The blues likely to find their way into homes in 2021 are clean, uncomplicated tones that are soothing despite having a cool feel to them.

Natural Pigments

Earthy tones were popular globally last summer, and this is expected to continue during 2021. Searches online for ‘terracotta walls’ have increased dramatically year on year in the UK. This warm shade is part of a wider range of natural pigments that includes colours such as burnt orange and charcoal black. This colour palette is all about achieving a natural, flawless look within a room.