Interior designers and professional painters and decorators, such as Scott Anson Painters, have great insight into the prevailing trends within their industry. One of the most important shifts in 2019 is the move away from cool greys – and a stark, minimalist aesthetic – towards a warmer colour palette and more eclectic, personal styling.  

The colour of 2019 i‘Living Coral’, which Pantone described as a “life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone”. Living coral is a soft, energetic and lively tone that is reminiscent of the 1970s. Pantone’s colour of the year can be used in any number of ways in an interior. Whether it becomes the dominant tone, or is simply used as an accent, Living Coral feels fresh, contemporary and happy.  

Since its rise to popularity, interior designers are using Living Coral to add a touch of colour in a more modern way to the spaces that they curate, combining it with a more neutral colour palette for those who are a little weary of too much colour, or contrasting it with shades of green or desert tones for those who wish to create a warm and hazy atmosphere.  

Any space can benefit from a touch of Living Coral, and interior designers enjoy the challenge of how to combine a new trend into an existing room. Living Coral is a mood-boosting shade that makes a positive impact in any interior, so designers are keen to inject the colour into their designs. Even in a small room, Living Coral is a viable and beautiful option when used in the right way. Finding balance is key, so the shade becomes invigorating rather than overwhelming.  

Interior designers have many clever solutions, tips and tricks that are individually tailored to each interior; however, there are a number of ways that Living Coral can be immediately introduced into a room. The easiest way to add Living Coral to a bedroom is through the bed linen; go all out with bold, fully-saturated colour, or for a more subtle injection of colour, choose bed linen that has a stripe, band or pattern in Living Coral. A bathroom can be quickly reinvigorated with a new set of towels – which requires no commitment yet comes with a big pay off with regards to the atmosphere in the room.  

A modern armchair in Living Coral can be added to the bedroom, the study or the lounge, and can be accessorised with yet more Living Coral in the form of cushions and throws, or it can be contrasted with another shade painted on the walls 

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