Prevailing trends established last year are continuing into 2019, with two-toned kitchen cabinets, banquette-style seating and more new and innovative designs. For anyone planning to remodel their kitchen or give their existing one a style update, there are many exciting new design trends to inspire and refresh.

Kitchen trends in 2019 will perfectly blend form and functionality and increase the presence of technology to ease the burden of modern life. The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home and the centre of all activity. As such, the kitchen should be as efficient as possible as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Professional painting and decorating companies can offer advice on colour, design and function. Scott Anson Painters has been in business for over 20 years and is able to apply its expertise to all decorating requirements. Whether the desired decor of the kitchen is ultra-modern or traditional, any vision can be realised.

Cleverly concealed storage continues to be a strong preference in the modern kitchen. However, there is also an emerging trend that leans away from minimalism, which has dominated decor in recent years. Inspired by retail and hotel spaces, open shelving can add a bold statement to any kitchen. By replacing upper kitchen cabinets with glass, wooden or metal shelving, kitchen storage becomes more open.

The vintage vibe looks set to continue its popularity within the home. Harmonies of traditional elements merge with innovative design features such as rattan-wrapped furniture and natural, organic tiling. As people seek design connections with nature, the use of wood continues to be popular in home styling. It can create a timeless style and has huge versatility in light, airy spaces.

Pure white kitchens are finally being left behind in 2019. Blank white slates that have been popular for so long are now being daubed with colour. Pops of colour can be seen on blinds or furniture, and coloured cabinets are becoming increasingly sought after. Deep blues and greens are especially beautiful when paired with contrasting brass or metal fixtures and fittings.

2019 is all about contrast in the kitchen. Layered textures combined with sleek finishes create an interesting look of urban glamour. Sandblasted timber or matte furnishings and highly polished worktops or bronze inlays combine with stunning style. This back-to-basics look allows raw materials to shine through in the modern 2019 kitchen.