Pantone’s Colour of the Year choices for 2021 are about conveying a message of strength and hopefulness. The two colours selected were chosen for being enduring and uplifting, and those colours are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.  

About Colour of the Year 

For more than twenty years, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced development and crucial decisions across a number of industries, including fashion, furniture, industrial design, product packaging, and graphic design. Professional decorators, such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd., can also make use of colour palettes that include the Colour of the Year. 

The selection process requires careful thought and analysis of trends across entertainment, art and fashion, as well as new lifestyles and socio-economic conditions. 

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating 

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are two colours that illustrate how different elements can come together and support each other. The two colours selected are warming and optimistic, intended to give the human spirit the encouragement and positivity that it needs. 

These two colours are a great combination for home décor, injecting a healthy dose of positivity into any room. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating could be used in paint colours, or home accessories such as pillows, throws and other soft furnishings.  

Ultimate Gray even provides a great foundation colour for home and commercial office spaces. It juxtaposes perfectly with Illuminating, a bold yellow tone that encourages awareness, intuition and curiosity. 

Using the Colour of the Year 

To help designers, decorators and other professionals make use of the Colour of the Year, Pantone has created five colour palettes that feature both Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These five palettes each convey a different mood, and overall, they perfectly illustrate just how versatile Ultimate Gray and Illuminating really are. 

For example, the Aviary palette combines bold, rich colours that are reminiscent of a bird’s plumage. This palette combines the Colour of the Year choices with Skydiver, Peacock Blue, Fruit Dove and Cloud Dancer to create a colour combination that is cheery and exudes drama.  

Please see the embedded PDF for ideas on how Pantone’s Colour of the Year choices can be used in different industries.