When choosing décor colours, most homeowners immediately think of light colours, especially when working with small rooms. However, when done well, dark décor can transform even small rooms into stunning spaces.

Professional decorators such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. believe that instead of trying to make rooms seem bigger with light colours, you could instead embrace their cosiness with darker tones.

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Room

When choosing the right paint colour for a specific room, it is important to pay attention to how the natural light in the room changes throughout the day. For example, the natural light in north-facing rooms has a blue hint which will emphasise the blue tones in paint. If you want to combat this, opt for a red or brown paint as it will balance out the blue light. Alternatively, the effect can be enhanced by using blue paints.

Rooms facing south have a yellow light, which will make orange tones richer and purple hues warmer. South-facing rooms remain brightly lit all day, so smoothing out bumps will be even more crucial as they will stand out otherwise.

Colour Trends

Dark décor colours such as greys and deep blue are popular all year round and can be accented with different tones. During the summer months of 2021, dark greys complemented with pink and mint accents were the dominant trends. As the year went on, the same greys and blues remained; however they became paired with yellow, olive green and bold reds.

Paint Pairings

Blue and pink is a classic colour combination for living spaces and bedrooms. Pairing deep midnight blue walls with the addition of pink accents creates a bold yet gentle appearance.

Red walls are very cosy, and the level of drama they create can be easily controlled by the chosen accessories and furniture. By combining red with warm neutral tones you can dial down the drama, or turn it up again using rust or terracotta accessories.

Pairing black and white offers maximum contrast and creates a surprisingly bright room. Paint any coving in the room the same white as the ceiling so the black doesn’t feel like it takes over the entire wall space, and complement with bright accessories. This combination works best in large rooms where the large, bright ceiling can balance out the deep black.