There are always jobs that need doing at home, but it can often be a struggle to juggle them with work, family and other commitments. The lockdown has presented a unique opportunity for many people to make their home somewhere they enjoy spending time and as a result, many home improvements can finally be ticked off our collective ‘to do’ lists. Embracing a few DIY ideas to create a better home could also help us to keep busy, active and healthy.

Despite DIY stores being forced to close their doors due to COVID-19, home deliveries are thankfully still possible. In fact, London witnessed soaring paint sales in the first weeks of the lockdown, as many ordinarily time-poor people now had previously unthinkable amounts of time at home to dabble in DIY. The wealth of technology available at our fingertips means that even inexperienced home improvers can scour the internet for tips and watch YouTube videos for some professional advice.

Painting is a DIY job that is almost instantly rewarding because most rooms can be painted in a day, leaving a freshened-up space and visible results. For an up-to-date look, consider one of this spring’s trending colours: peach or pistachio. To create an illusion of space, opt for pale colours, or plain white for a classic look. If a bold look would suit your home and personality, contrasting colours work well when doors and skirting boards are painted in different colours to the walls.

Following a few basic rules should give even the most inexperienced of painters a good result. Preparation is important and starts with covering anything that you don’t want to be painted, including yourself. Don’t skimp when prepping your room; it is worth taking the extra time to fill a few holes and sand flaky or uneven surfaces. Be sure not to rush and don’t overload the paintbrush, as this will increase the chance of unseemly drips, splashes or splatters. When daylight fades it’s time to stop painting, as the loss of natural light will hinder the likelihood of an even finish.

At the time of writing, lockdown still forbids non-essential visitors to the home, so this means no hiring local handymen (or women) to fix things. Some repairs are surprisingly easy, and YouTube will provide some creative solutions for many problems. It can be very rewarding to carry out home improvements, but some projects are best left to the professionals. Professional painters and decorators – such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. – will be more than happy to talk through what can be done at the moment and advise on a timeline for future jobs.