Deciding to change the décor and colour scheme in a room should reflect personal choice and a homeowner’s individual tastes.

Our professional decorators at Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. would advise DIYers that they don’t have to follow a set rulebook. Even so, there are certain trends in décor that are predicted to be very popular in 2024.

Although neutrals will never go out of style, those in the know are expecting them to be complemented by more daring colour choices.

Taking Inspiration from Nature

Nature is forecast to provide plenty of inspiration for colour choices throughout 2024. Rich shades of terracotta and earthy greens are expected to be popular. Taking inspiration from the sky and sea, light pastel blues and strong teal tones are likely to be extremely popular.

These colours are well known for their calming properties, as well as helping to create an elegant and luxurious feel. Blues in particular are supposed to be extremely popular, making a wonderful choice for large spaces such as a bedroom or a great backdrop for a busy, sociable kitchen.

Dark colours may also be making a statement. Balancing a dark colour such as deep navy or chocolate brown with a bright shade can look extremely chic and help to provide a balance to more intense splashes of colour.

A Contrast with Bright Tones

While greys have been in fashion for a long time, colour experts are suggesting that there will be a shift away from these colder tones and a desire for brighter colours such as reds, yellows and oranges. Representative of warm climates and sunshine, yellows and oranges are likely to experience a surge in popularity.

Pinks have also carved out their own niche of late, especially with the influence of the popular Barbie film. With an ability to make people smile and acting as a reminder of childhood days, pinks are likely to remain fashionable for some time.

The embedded infographic examines the growth of the global DIY market.

A Base Provided by Warm Neutrals

Greys are beginning to be replaced by warmer neutral tones, such as off-yellows, honey colours and beiges. These adaptable base colours are easy to pair with a wide variety of shades, and this versatility can be maximised in many different spaces in the house and can make them feel larger and more welcoming.