The edgy colour palette of last year has made way for a more mindful approach to colour in 2019. This year’s colour trends appear to have unified the mental demands of modern life, increased digital engagement and the need for sanctuary in the home. Paint brands and interior designers seem to be recognising the need for a lifestyle-based approach to colour.

Interior design companies can offer an end-to-end service which includes help and advice when contemplating colour choice. Scott Anson Painters is an experienced decorating company, committed to turning the visions of its clients into reality. The company is happy to advise on all painting and decorating needs.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year regularly informs interior design choices. 2019’s winner, Living Coral, brings energy and optimism to any room. It can be separated into its pink and orange counterparts to create a vibrant, uplifting palette, perfect for a little girl’s bedroom.

An emerging variety of woodland shades will build on consumers’ existing attraction to nature as an inspiration for decor. Fern-inspired shades and mushroom greys move the look away from over-sized botanicals and towards an earthy, old world feel. Mushrooms also continue to be a key shape in home décor.

Hunter green offers a timeless colour choice which works across walls, furniture or accessories. Paired with neutral tones or natural elements, this colour is full of life and is intrinsic to nature. It also offers a balance of masculinity and femininity, perfect for any room.

Along with hunter green, other deep saturated colours also feature heavily in 2019’s interior design trends. Dark blues, greens and charcoal are moody, dramatic colours particularly effective in rooms with an abundance of natural light. These colours also work well for smaller areas including built-ins and cabinetry.

The Dulux 2019 Trends Colour Palette evokes feelings of refined, old-school elegance. It features rich, warm hues alongside lighter, neutral colours to create a balanced colour palette. The collection includes vibrant reds such as Cinnamon Diamonds and Chilled Wine, which are perfectly accompanied by the fairer hues of Elusion or Earthy Cane. The result is an interesting mix of the vintage and the exotic.