Traditional Christmas colour schemes such as red, gold and green made way for a kaleidoscope of multi-coloured lights, tinsel and decorations in the 1980s. The decade was defined by bold colour and style which came even more alive at Christmas. However, people today typically favour a more sophisticated approach when decorating their homes. Christmas can present a conundrum when considering festive decoration, as people want to strike a balance of festive cheer; to embrace some of the sparkly magic without making things too gaudy.

A Christmas colour scheme should be inspired by the interior design choices made in the rest of the home. Colour experts such as Scott Anson Painters & Decorators Ltd recommend staying true to individual styling preferences to prevent festive decorations from being out of kilter and ill at ease with the main decor. If there is already lots of colour in the home, selecting a single shade for Christmas decorations can stop things from feeling too busy. Likewise, if there are already lots of neutral shades, a pop of Christmas colour can be a welcome surprise. 

Aged brass tones and burnished bronze mean that modern metallics no longer need to appear tacky. This sophisticated scheme brings a glamorous look with an elegant edge and these warming tones combine perfectly with on-trend shades of mustard and rust. Glints of gold look wonderfully festive in decorations made of feathers and glass; natural tones and varied textures are the key.

Why not emblazon your home with elegant blue this Christmas? It is becoming a more popular festive colour choice, as it is a diverse colour which adds richness and warmth to the home. From icy marine to shades of midnight skies, blue styles well with traditional silver and gold. Although it sits at the cooler end of the colour spectrum, it is a pretty shade which works well within elegant homes.

Despite its snowy associations and ubiquitous position as the epitome of classic style, white is a fairly contemporary choice when it comes to Christmas decorations. Perhaps owing to recent trends towards simple, Nordic styling at Christmas, winter white is a great colour to achieve a pared-back approach to rustic chic. It works well with an abundance of warming candles and twinkling fairy lights for simple festive flair.

As Christmas fast approaches, now is the time to consider the many options for festive decorating. With so much choice, from traditional to contemporary, there really is something to suit every taste.