Benefits to Landlords

In a commercial setting, it is important to make sure your customers feel like they are in a clean and safe environment. This can be achieved in many ways, but by having clean walls and atmosphere it makes the area more inviting to potential clients, whether this be in the property market, student accommodation or retail setting.

By decorating you are:

Maintaining the quality and prolonging the life of buildings
Making properties more appealing to potential tenants
Allowing for the opportunity of higher rental prices

By creating a new and fresh feeling within the housing sector, the interest of the property will increase and the potential for selling and renting therefore will rise. Renters or buyers are more likely to see the potential if they are presented with a clean space when looking round.

In a retail setting, a perfect paint colour and coat can benefit the sale of items due to the shop and building looking more appealing causing a confidence in items within the store.

Overcoming problems:

By applying specialist coatings such as stain block, walls can be protected from stains, such as cigarette smoke, which allows for walls to stay pristine to allow for minimal redecorating.

Fire retardants are another important specialist coatings, which can range from between 30 minutes and 240 minutes worth of protection when applied on wood, timber, steel, cast iron and fabrics.

Why not really finish your property by calling Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. We can transform a property from something satisfactory to something really special which prospective tenants or buyers will compete to rent or buy. The initial investment can be recouped within just a few months of your property being leased!