When the weather starts to warm up and the cherry blossoms bloom, it’s the perfect time to freshen up indoor areas with some spring decorating. This year there are lots of unique trends emerging when it comes to refreshing interior spaces.  

You can prepare your home for the warmer months – and create a space that embraces natural light, fresh scents and all the colours of spring – by following some of these simple decorating ideas.  

With natural textures, vibrant colours and floral prints expected to be big this season, get inspired by these interior decoration trends – or get in touch with professional decorators such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd – to add the perfect finishing touch. 

Extend the Outdoors 

You can create indoor-outdoor living spaces by positioning your sofa, dining table or chairs towards windows and external doorways – and don’t forget to top them with bright pillows and throws. Using fresh, neutral tones on the walls will create a sense of tranquillity while making a subtle yet powerful visual impact.  

Experiment With a Colour Palette 

Spring is the chance to use colourful paint colours to express individuality and personality. The key is to create a suitable colour palette that can be applied to walls, floors and even ceilings. You can also add pops of colour by mixing in new pillows, vases and lamps. 

The Colour of the Season: Green 

Known for reducing stress and increasing productivity – and tying in with the natural theme – it’s no surprise soft green is the standout colour for spring and summer 2022. Experts suggest that soft green prints, accessories and functional fittings can mentally connect people to nature and create an enduring feeling of calm in the home. 

Embrace Maximalism 

This year, trends are favouring a dynamic celebration of colours, prints and big designs, specifically botanical-themed prints, instead of the minimalist look seen throughout the winter months. Use bold botanical-inspired wallpaper along with bright curtains to complete the look. 


Swapping out old pet toys, beds and baskets is a simple yet effective way to change the look and feel of a room. Embracing animal-first décor such as built-in dog showers, hidden pet doors and stylish cat-friendly shelves in a seamless design will create a more luxurious space.