Wallpaper has never gone out of fashion, but it has had a difficult time overcoming its reputation as an intimidatingly permanent design choice. Despite previously being labelled old-fashioned and somewhat nostalgic, wallpaper has once again been embraced by the design industry. As the industry experiences a new-found appreciation of timeless design, wallpaper is firmly back in favour as a way of breathing new life into a space and making it feel like your own.

When experimenting with more innovative design, expert advice can be incredibly helpful. Scott Anson Painters & Decorators LTD has 20 years of experience in both the private and commercial sectors, working for clients with a range of decorating needs. Emerging trends in 2019 include wallpaper murals, a fresh approach to interior design which avoids the standard repeating patterns of traditional wallpaper to capture and communicate different themes, feelings and aspirations. Murals can be abstract, scenic or story-telling; covering a wall floor to ceiling in fine art will create an inspiring personal statement.

The innovation of the digital age extends to the world of interior design. Modern architectural concepts are inspiring different interpretations of classic design. This includes blueprint-inspired graphic and geometric prints or contemporary, photorealistic botanical designs. Geometric patterns are an increasingly popular choice in modern homes as they can create a great sense of movement. Graphic geometry channels the iconic style of the Art-Deco era. These glamorous prints work well in classic colours to transcend passing trends.

Bold wallpaper is very much in demand in 2019, not only geometric prints but also in iconic tropical or floral patterns, colourful speckles, stripes and terrazzos. Chintz has been reinvented as both sophisticated and whimsical when traditional schemes are paired with electric tones and quirky motifs. The addition of modern furniture and accessories can create cutting-edge style against a bold backdrop. The bold wallpaper trend marks a shift towards experiencing striking aesthetics in the home. Searches for ‘bold print wallpaper’ increased by 401% in 2019 compared to previous years.

Wallpaper trends in 2019 include textural designs which add depth to your decor. Texture can be real or perceived via interactions of light and colour. This is an interesting trend which relies on tonal techniques for a subtle approach to colour interpretation. 2019 is an exciting time for wallpaper trends as its revival represents the design industry and consumers embracing innovation with a nostalgic twist.