It makes sense to want to decorate a new build home.  It’s a great opportunity to put a personal stamp on a property. There are also some occasions when problems that happened during the building process make it necessary to decorate.

Many people find it easier to speak to professionals like Scott Anson Painters when it comes to painting a new build property. For anyone who prefers to go it alone instead, there are certain tips that are useful to know.

Don’t Start Painting Immediately 

It’s not a good idea to start painting a property right away, although it can be tempting to do so. It’s natural to want to start adding some personality to a home as soon as possible but the building needs time to settle before painting is carried out.

It’s best to leave a property for a few months before painting it as settled surfaces are dryer and smoother. This means that the results of painting are more effective.

Add a Personal Touch Before Painting

Just because painting cannot start right away does not mean that personality cannot be added to a new build home. For instance, curtains can be hung on the windows and pictures and photographs can be hung on the wall using temporary methods such as command strips. 

Don’t Be Concerned by Skirting Board Problems

Wooden skirting boards tend to absorb more paint when they are still new. This means that when they are painted the finish might not be as good as expected. This is not a major cause for concern. It simply means that the painting job may need to be repeated.

Finish the Big Jobs Before Painting 

If any big changes are going to be made in a new build home, they need to be done before painting starts. For instance, cabinets may need to be changed in the kitchen as a result of problems indicated on a snagging list. If painting is carried out before these jobs are completed the new paintwork can be damaged while the major work is being done.

Taking these tips into account, it’s important that plans are also devised. These plans need to include what order the decorating will be completed in, what paint will be used, and what tools will be used. Using these tips and carrying out the required planning should result in a successful painting project.