It is not necessary for homeowners to break the bank to refresh their home. Sometimes small, simple, and affordable decoration changes can give a room a new lease of life and have a great impact on its overall feel and appearance.

Professional decorating companies, such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd., understand that the most effective ways to improve a room aren’t necessarily the most expensive.


Giving walls a fresh coat of paint is a great way to give a room an instant lift. Bold feature walls, trendy two-tone paint schemes and striking statement pieces are all relatively inexpensive ways to refresh a room. It isn’t even necessary to repaint the entire room – simply painting the trim can have a big impact.


Sometimes homeowners can redecorate a room without needing to purchase anything new. Moving furniture or décor items around in a space – or moving them to another room entirely – can help refresh the décor. Rearranging and reassessing items and furniture already owned can also help people to get rid of any old, unwanted items that are cluttering up their home.

Upcycle Furniture

Instead of spending money on new furniture, existing pieces could simply be upcycled and refreshed. For example, recovering an armchair in a new fabric is a great way to make a difference without a huge financial outlay.

Swap Accent Items

Rooms can be quickly and affordably refreshed by simply swapping out accent pieces. For example, homeowners wishing to refresh their kitchen or bathroom could benefit from swapping out cabinet handles and knobs. In living rooms, replacing lamp shades and throw pillows can instantly transform a room.

Refresh Windows

An affordable way to create a new focal point within a room is by updating any windows. The addition of new blinds or curtains can give a room a new lease of life. Another cheap way to refresh a window is with the addition of a decorative window film. These films can give the added benefit of privacy and can be easily removed without leaving behind any unsightly marks.

Affordable Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to bring something special to a room, and one way for people to invest in unique wall art without breaking the bank is by attending local college or university art shows. For something unique, try getting your own photographs printed up or framing gorgeous pieces of fabric.