2018 saw some bold home decor trends, including subway tiles and exposed lighting. As we settle into 2019, the New Year is showing us decorating trends with stylish, timeless themes and interesting revamps of older styles. Fortunately, you need not redecorate your entire home to stay on trend in 2019.

Updating your existing decor can begin with modernising the current style in your home. Professional decorating companies such as Scott Anson Painters can offer advice on colour choices to inspire new decor and update the existing design of your home’s interior. With many current trends evolving rather than changing, a few twists and tweaks can keep your home looking contemporary.

Wider trends such as Nordic inspired colours, patterns and textures look set to continue to delight designers and consumers. The hugely popular Scandinavian style can be updated with suggestions of pattern and texture to make an understated impact. It is a paired-back look that effortlessly creates a stylish decor. Last year’s global inspired patterns can be easily replaced with textures that evoke simplicity; wool, wicker, earthenware and bleached wood create a natural, neutral style.

The nostalgic trend for retro-inspired decor remains strong in 2019. Latest nuances of the trend lean towards retro fusion, to include the archetypal ‘70s colour palette but also embrace Art Deco and the signature styling from the ‘50s. The celebration of this diverse bygone era includes scalloped shapes on furniture and patterned furnishings, and bold textures such as velvet, wood and leather.

Soft tropics is an uplifting trend, joyously celebrating nature. Palm prints are a key motif of this trend; real, fake or printed on wallpaper or soft furnishings. Botanical prints this season display a painterly effect with a less-saturated colour palette. This softer format gives a less imposing feel. As with the retro fusion trend, key textures include buff leather, wood and velvet, but soft tropic colours add nude pink and blue, mustard and botanical leaf green.

Continuing from last year, the global essence trend celebrates global eclecticism by embracing diverse patterns and fusion styling. This nomadic trend uses ragged textures such as rope and woven textiles, and features bold colours of spiced red, umber and terracotta. Global essence is a hand-crafted style and is all about the detail; hand-thrown pottery, tassels and pom-pom detailing features on wall art and cushions.