Whenever homeowners are keen to redecorate and inject a new sense of style into their living space, it’s important to cater to individual tastes rather than following the crowd. Buying into a trend just because it’s fashionable could be counterproductive and leave DIYers with a sense of regret due to trends frequently changing.

However, some prospective DIYers may be unsure how to freshen up their interiors so will look to trends for ideas. Discovering current interior design trends can be very helpful and offer some much-needed inspiration when they align with personal taste, as our professional decorators at Scott Anson Painters  and Decorators Ltd. know from years of experience. It is also important bear in mind that on-trend looks may be cheaper to achieve, as they can be found in more stores.

Showcasing Woodgrain, Light and Metals

With a trend towards a more natural look, uncovering and showcasing original wood millwork is extremely fashionable right now. For new-build homes, dark, sumptuous woods such as maple and mahogany are seeming to be more popular than pale woods. Similarly, fluted woodwork can add an extra dimension to a living space, creating texture with light and shadow.

Investment furniture pieces that are well-made will stand the test of time and can be incorporated into more contemporary spaces. Homeowners are more appreciative of one-of-a-kind pieces with a sense of history, allowing them to marry the classic with the new.

Installing large light fixtures can make a statement and inject personality into a room. There has also been a move towards the use of more natural materials in lighting, with rattan, wood and clay bringing an organic, softer feel to any space.

The embedded PDF takes a closer look at how to create a more natural living space.

Alongside dramatic light fixtures in organic materials, metals are becoming popular. The use of brass can bring a sense of sophistication and works with both traditional and more contemporary spaces. This year is also seeing a rise in the use of chrome outside of kitchens and bathrooms, crafted into fluid pieces such as vases and lamps.

Neutrals and Colours

Providing an elegant, classic backdrop, neutrals will never go out of style. While it has been the neutral colour of choice in recent years, grey is becoming less popular and being replaced by a typically Scandinavian palette. Shades of off-white, taupe and beige create a cosy ambience and fit well with an organic theme.

Bold colours are also becoming more commonplace. Adopting a more adventurous colour palette can look impressive, allowing accents of vibrant colour to elevate a space. In keeping with the trend towards a natural look, shades of green are becoming increasingly popular and serve to bring the outdoors in.