Decorating a home can be a daunting task but it’s also an essential one at times. For instance, decorating a new home helps to put a personal stamp on it and in a current home, decorating can create a whole new vibe.

For anyone who wants the benefits of a redecorated home but does not want to do the work themselves, it’s an opportunity to bring in painting professionals like Scott Anson Painters. However, it’s still up to the homeowner to decide what colours to use. Looking at the latest colour trends can be a great source of inspiration.

Shades of Nature 

Nature shades in the home have taken on a woodland theme in 2019. Inspiration for paint tones for the home comes from the grey of mushrooms and the green of woodland flora. These natural shades create a feeling of calm and traditionalism.

Going Moody with Blues

It’s well known that colour can have an impact on mood. For instance, opting for the misty blues that are so popular in 2019 can have a calming effect in the home.

Edgy Fiery Reds

Red is the colour of power and is associated with high levels of energy and great passion. This makes it a bold choice when decorating a property. It’s possible to dive straight in and go monochrome with red. For anyone who is not quite that brave, adding a pop of colour with red is the ideal choice.

Just a Splash

One trend which is just as popular in 2019 as it’s ever been is to make colour pop by using just a splash. It’s a great way of embracing a minimal colour scheme while still adding a touch of personality.

Creating a Colour Scheme with the Colours You Choose 

Looking at colour trends is just the start when it comes to decorating a home; creating a colour scheme that works is vital. There are many different colour schemes to choose from that can be developed using a colour wheel, such as a monochromatic scheme which uses different shades of the same colour and a complementary scheme which uses colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel

Looking at the latest colour trends can provide inspiration when decorating the home. It’s important to put colour choices together to create an overall colour scheme that works.