During the colder months when people spend much more time at home, they often start to think about making home improvements. With 88% of people having more of a desire to be at home after painting an interior room (according to statistics shared by House Grail), painting the home makes complete sense.

The choice of colours in the home can be expressive of an individual’s personality and sense of style. While some choose to decorate their homes with timeless and traditional paint colours, others want to be bolder and use brighter tones.

Some people may be more influenced by the colour trends of 2023, and professional decorators – such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd. – will no doubt have already familiarised themselves with the colours listed below.

Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta has been selected as colour of the year by paint manufacturer Pantone. With a strong crimson red tone, Viva Magenta is daring and fearless. This shade is based on nature and represents a fresh signal of strength, descending from the red colour family. This brand-new shade of red promotes uninhibited self-expression and experimentation and is intended to make a strong statement in the home.

Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is the 2023 Colour of the Year from renowned paint company Benjamin Moore. Individuals who wish to make their walls more expressive should utilize this vibrant hue of coral. Moving away from neutral colours towards richer, more intense colours can be intimidating. However, the time has come to make a bold colour statement. Raspberry Blush is a rich hue that forces people to look and stare, perfect for bringing an otherwise neutral home to life.

Beverly Hall

A new shade of green has arrived, courtesy of Farrow & Ball’s recently released paint colour collection. Beverly, a dark forest green that immediately conjures up images of being surrounded by lush vegetation, is predicted to become a popular colour in 2023. It is perfect for use on a stunning feature wall that provides warmth without being overpowering. This bright and crisp mid-green pairs wonderfully with more neutral earthy tones of beige and hessian.

Templeton Pink

Templeton Pink has all the beauty of pastel pinks without the sickly sweetness associated with these shades. Its bluer undertones mute the colour, creating a neutral tone that can warm up any room without being overtly pigmented.