Burgeoning decorating trends of 2020 suggest that the onus will be on tones and textures which bring mellow warmth into our homes. Bold shades of burnt orange, terracotta, buttery tan and ochre teamed with tactile textures on furniture and accessories will provide a natural, organic influence on home decor. Decorating trends can offer a great source of inspiration but the emphasis should be on creating a personal, liveable environment.

Decorating can be a stressful time, as the initial uncertainty over colours or other choices threatens to overshadow the pleasure of re-vamping a room. Professional painting and decorating companies, such as Scott Anson Painters and Decorators Ltd., can offer invaluable advice to undecided customers. When going ahead with home decorating, preparation is vital, and a realistic timeframe should be given to allow ideas to take shape. Fortunately, the organic vibe of 2020 seems to be an easy one to interpret and recreate. Texture is an important part of this natural design palette and enables even the least inspiring rooms to become sophisticated and inviting.

The focus on boucle textures that seems to have begun on the catwalk is now firmly fixed as a staple of modern home decor. Looped yarns in subtle shades create a raised quality to give a warm, cosy and welcoming feel for the home. This appreciation of tranquil and soothing colours and textures was also mirrored in the recent announcement of the Dulux Colour of the Year. Tranquil Dawn is a pale green, which design trend-spotters believe reflects the world’s wider need for calm.

This time of year also marks the time for paint brands and designers to reveal their new collections of 2020. Kitchen company Plain English has launched an interesting new range which confirms a growing trend towards bold coloured kitchens. To really make contrasting colours ‘pop’, try using a combination of shades or consider colours in groups of three. Another way to make a dramatic statement is through contrasting dark, inky walls with wooden furniture and greenery.

Smart stitching details could also make all the difference in the style stakes. They can bring furniture patterns alive and add interest to decorative features on cushions, sofa arms and footstools. Good lighting always emphasises good design, so it is important to keep natural lighting in mind. Watching how light falls should inspire how the room is separated for different activities such as reading, socialising or watching television. Great home decor should always be inspired by comfort and liveability.